Differential of the Publisher

 · Has a Qualified Editorial Board (Referees).

· Specific graphic design, layout and cover for each book.

· ISBN (International Standard Book Number) - printed and electronic

· DOI (Digital object identifier) ​​is a standard for identifying documents on computer networks, such as the internet, for books in digital format (e-book).

· Publisher associated with CBL.

· Qualis-book L3 evaluation score.

· Own bookshop to sell the works.

Publication Cost

To request the publishing budget, it is necessary to send the email to: [email protected]

Printing Cost

We do not work with printing. Printing should be outsourced, through printers specialized in book printing. The amount is requested after the layout is completed. Before, it is not possible to identify the real value and the number of pages that the book will have in the final format.

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